Microsoft Edge dispose désormais du créateur d’images Dall-E de Bing

By Flavien ROUX

Microsoft is integrating artificial-intelligence features into every product and service that it can, including Office applications and its Bing Search engine. What is the newest addition? Microsoft Edge contains a Bing Image Panel.

Microsoft launched Bing Image Creator at the end of last month. This service uses a modified DALL-E 2 program to create AI-based images using text prompts. The service is available to everyone at, and can also be activated from Bing Chat, but Microsoft is now giving it a dedicated sidebar in the Edge browser.

La génération d’images de DALL-E arrive sur Bing Chat

The blog article published today describes how you can create images that do not yet exist using the DALL-E DALL-E from OpenAI’s partners. Image Creator can be used to create a specific image for social posts, PowerPoint presentations or other purposes.

The new panel looks and works just like the Bing Image Creator web interface, but it is more compacted to fit the sidebar. Microsoft says the new Image Creator panel may be visible if you click the Plus (+) button and activate it in the Sidebar.

Microsoft’s Desktop Browser has recently undergone a number of changes, including a new split-screen mode. There’s also a new real-time tab sharing feature and, naturally, a gigantic button for Bing Chat. It is being developed a wallet that stores crypto-currencies. What a number of features!

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